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Interview with Davide Cillo(Burning Nitrum)

The ones behind the thrashin fury


1.Hello, Davide! Welcome to Sadistik Witchfukk zine! Because this is your first interview for us, tell us something about your band!
Hey brother, thanks for the interview! It's a pleasure for me to throw our band on Sadistik Witchfukk. Burning Nitrum were born in 2010, with the goal of proposing some good thrash metal played in the old school way, looking for a sound which differentiates us from other new thrash bands: the new wave of thrash gave us a lot of clone-bands, while on the 80's every band had a different sound. I had a lot of line-up problems, it was kinda hard to find other four people on my region, people with passion and love for the genre, ready to spend their lives on tour. The 30th April 2012 we released our debut EP "Pyromania", which received great reviews from all over the world, and found some space on some italian and foreign magazines... that was great for me!

2.You are known on the internet(at least to us), for being active into thrash metal movement, helping new bands(by sharing their vids) etc. How did you got into thrash metal?
Well, I don't exactly remember how I started listening to this kind of music, but I think I've always known famous bands like Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica... and when I realized it was my stuff, I started getting deeper and deeper on the underground movement and looked for less known bands. I remember when the drummer and me listened to the track "Terror Squad" from Artillery for the first time, we were like on shock state ahahah... the first thing we said, together, was: "this kicks ass at all!!" Probably that was the reason why I wanted to start checking the underground eheh, until I became a fanatic vinylls-buyer!

3.Your band Burning Nitrum sounds great, totally old-school thrash metal. Can you name some of your favourite thrash bands? What about your favourite LP’s?
If I talk about bands from the 80's, I will finish tomorrow morning brother ahah! I will name some good thrash albums from the new wave: my favourite new band is Vektor, and their "Black Future" is genial. Other good LP's from the new millenium are the second one from Warbringer, the one from Violator, the first three from Municipal Waste and well there are other ones!!

4.The people behind Sadistik Witchfukk are of romanian and hungarian ethnicity. Do you know any metal bands from these countries? What about Ukraine?
Was there a thrash band called Snapjaw in Romania? But I don't know if they're still active. I'll check it out. And I remember of a hungarian thrash band called Beyond, if I'm right. Ukraine has a good thrash scene. I've heard of bands like Adem, Nuclear Test, Zombie Attack, Violent Omen, Crusher... hope Ukraine will keep it up!!

5. What metal styles do you listen besides thrash?
I really love the old school metal and hardcore punk in general, of course thrash is my stuff but old school heavy metal, speed, death, black (especially atmospheric black bands), the first power... the important thing is that there are none of those modern influences... metal must be kept pure brother!

6.As we noticed you are working with your debut LP. How many tracks do you plan? Where will you record your new stuff and when it will be published?
That's right, Burning Nitrum are working on the debut LP. Playing time should be around 45 minutes, and we have a couple of ideas about where to record it, the certain thing is that the sound will be really distant from the one heard on our "Pyromania" EP, it will be kept old school but will receive a serious professional studio production. I can't anticipate much now, stay in contact with Burning Nitrum 'cause our album won't disappoint you at all! Promised!

7. How is the situation with your live shows? Did you opened for some legendary bands so far? Did you played/plan to play outside of Italy?
Yeah we are promoting our EP with live shows as much as possible, but not outside Italy. I'm sad to say that in Italy, especially in its southern part (where we live) the "pay to play" phenomenon is really strong. It's a mafia. It's nearly impossible there opening to legendary bands without paying a good amount of money. We are trying to fight this system. We don't support this way to do, and pay to play must fall. What about playing outside Italy... yes, we started planning our album tour, and we will!

8.Did you played any covers in rehearsal room and your live performances?
 Yeah, we played "Holy Wars" from Megadeth, "Game Over" from Nuclear Assault and "And then There Were None" from Exodus. I think it's over, we prefer playing our songs man!

9.What bands do you recommend us from your local scene from Bari?
Oh, there are a lot of great thrash bands there in Italy, check out Our underground scene became not worse than the american one, and actually, it's maybe the best of the whole world these years. There are a lot of bands but also a lot of assholes ready to speculate on guys like us. But fortunately, there is also someone organizing events honestly and with passion, which for sure it's the most important thing. What about my region... check out Assaulter's "Crushed By Raging Mosh"!

10.Italian kitchen is very famous in the world. Do You recommend us some tasty foods  (except pizza, lasagne and pasta of course)
Oh yeah, italian food it's fucking sick! Check out focaccia, panzerotto, risotto and parmigiana di melanzane! The last one is amazing!

11. Grazie, Davide! Thrash ’til Death! Share your last burning words in the end!
Thank you for the space you gave us! I want to invite metal listeners to come to concerts and support the scene, enjoy concerts of amazing underground bands and not only famous ones (which are often worse), and please... instead of spending money for smoking or bullshits... buy the music! Underground musicians need your support, and money are well spent! Like the page "" and keep in contact with us, brothers! Thrash 'Till Death, let the fire burn!!

Interview taken by Georgius and Necrotrooper

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