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Interview with Sepulchral Voices(thrash metal from Belgium)

From left to right: Seb. Ironfist(guitar), J.(drums), GP Angel reaper(bass, vocals)

1.Hailz Sepulchral Voices, and welcome to the Sadistik Witchfukk zine! Because this is the first interview with you, tell us about your band!
GP. Angel reaper: Hi, dude! Sepulchral Voices is an old-school thrash metal band, which we started in July 2012. First, it was only me and Seb. Ironfist, who decided to make a band and after many rehearsals at my house (in the city of Tamines), we decided to find a drummer and so we found J. who joined us during October 2012.
Seb. Ironfist: The band started during the summer of 2012 with GP. Angel reaper and J., joined us in september. We are influenced by Sodom, Kreator, and all the speed metal, thrash metal scene from the 80's.
J.: Hail, we are a spritual-philosophic band with hippies-pacific-christian-buddist-muslim tendencies... Alright, I stop my jokes. We are a thrash metal band, our music is simply agressive.

2.Have you played in any other bands than Sepulchral Voices before? If so, give details about that!
GP. Angel reaper: Sepulchral Voices is my first serious band, because about few years ago, when i was a drummer, i started many projects, but it was nothing serious.
Seb. Ironfist: I never played in a band, because I have only 2 years of practising (guitar).
J.: I will tell you the most important ones, because if I will tell all the bands, it will take 2 pages : Lacerate (death-grind), Devoured (thrash-death), Extremist (thrash) and many others. Actually, I play in Goat Perversör (black-thrash), Vorax Virosus (grind-death), Sepulchral Voices and perhaps the come-back of Extremist.

3.You recorded a rehearsal-demo (I really like the quality, it sounds like it was recorded in 1984-1985, congrats to you for that!). What can you tell about it (songwriting process, lyrical themes). Who is writing the lyrics and who is writing the music?
GP. Angel reaper: Yes, it's a rehearsal demo with raw and dirty sound hehe. For composing songs, me and Seb are trying some riffs and when we found these good, J. put the drums on it. I write the lyrics, they're about metal, satan, witches... nothing original hehe.
Seb. Ironfist: GP. found the ideas for the lyrics and for the songs, it's me and Seb, after J. put the drum on it.
J.: First, we have to give thanks to Gabriel Tapia (singer and guitarist of Vorax Virosus. He also drew the logo of Vorax, t-shirt of Dehuman, Slaughter Messiah and the artwork of Maleficence demo tape). It was a home-made recording with a dictaphone and all the instruments in same time. After we recorded the vocals, Gabriel put all on his laptop and did the mixing. The results were what we expected.

4.On what formats is the demo available on (apart of mp3 haha): vinyl, cd or tape? Do you have any artworks for it? Do you plan to send it to distros, or it is only promotional and it is only for labels and such?
GP. Angel reaper: We have a demo available in cd (it's CD-r), everything was home-made haha. The first thing is to share our music, so we send or sell our demo to many people. We'll think about an artwork for the EP.
Seb. Ironfist: Demo is available on CD, we try to make our band known. The artwork is for the future EP.
J.: Have we an artwork ???

5.What other bands can you recommend us from Belgium?
GP. Angel reaper: Slaughter Messiah, Maleficence, Evil Shepherd, Evil Invaders, Horacle, Nemesis Irae, Goat Perversör, Vorax Virosus and Gae Bolga
Seb. Ironfist: Horacle, Slaughter Messiah, Maleficence, Goat Perversör and Vorax Virosus.
J.: Goat Pervesör (black-thrash), Vorax Virosus (grind-death), Slaughter Messiah (black-thrash), Dehuman (death), Nemesis Irae (black-death), Maleficence (black-thrash), Spermafrost (black and roll), Dezhumanizer (black), Domine Hate (death) for the most underground.

6.Did you played any live shows yet?
GP. Angel reaper: No, we have to make more songs.
Seb. Ironfist: We are ready, but we have to make more songs because now, we can play only 15 minutes and it's not too much.
J.: Not for now, but later yes.

7.How is the response so far about your music?
GP. Angel reaper : I'm very glad, because many people like our music, we have a lot of support.
Seb. Ironfist: The comments are good.
J.: Our music is shit, don't listen to it, because she'll turn you from the way of god haha.

8.Do you take a look on Fenriz's Band of the Week? I know he recommends old-school stuff, and stuff that you play too. What do you think about the latest Darkthrone releases?
GP. Angel reaper: I don't know, I'll try to get a look on it. I've listened the last Darkthone and I liked it.
Seb. Ironfist: I've listened the last Darkthrone and I liked it, especially the track "Leave no Cross Unturned", but I prefer the "Dark Thrones and Black Flags" album, because it's more punkish.
J.: No and I didn't knew that, I will die less idiot haha. The last Darkthrone is good, but I have some difficulties with the clean vocals.

9.Your top 10 all-time favourite albums are...?
GP. Angel reaper: I can't answer because the numbers is over than 10 for me haha.
Seb. Ironfist:
  • Skull Fist - Head öf the Pack
  • Iron Maiden - Killers
  • Sodom - In the Sign of Evil
  • Kreator - Endless Pain
  • Angel Witch - Angel Witch
  • Darkthrone - Dark Thrones and Black Flags
  • Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales
  • Enthroned - Towards the Skullthrone of Satan
  • Violent Force - Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow
  • Destruction - Sentence of Death
J.: This question is too difficult for me, because there are many albums from many bands. I can't tell you only
10. It will take a long-time.

10.What bands can you recommend from Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova?
GP. Angel reaper: O-Zone from Moldova haha.
Seb. Ironfist: Tormentor from Hungary.
J.: In few minutes... From Ukraine, I know: Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh, Hate forest. From Hungary: Sear Bliss, Archivum, Hungarica and from Romania: Negură Bunget.

11.What hobbies do you have beside music?
GP. Angel reaper: Watching movies, playing old video-games...
Seb. Ironfist: Collecting vinyls.
J.: Drinking, eating and fucking.

12.What foods, drinks, cigars, tobaccoes can you recommend us from your area?
GP. Angel reaper: Fries, Fricadelle, Waffels, Carbonnades à la flamande, molds with fries. Many varieties of beer like Duvel, Chimay Bleue, Kasteel Donker, Trappistes de Rochefort, Grimbergen, Orval and many many others.
Seb. Ironfist: Beers, Waffle, Fries and Pekêt(walloon name for juniper).
J.: Mold with fries, Carbonnade à la flamande, Waterzooï, many kind of cheese with many special beers: trappist, from abbey, with fruits etc.... For all tastes and all ages.

13.What about your future plans?
GP. Angel reaper & Seb. Ironfist: Doing some gigs, it's the most important.
J.: Being famous with our band, so we can eat Jack Daniel's, lobster, caviar and pay some hookers haha. No, seriously, play much as possible with a lot of fun.

14.That's all for now. The last (threatening) words are yours!
GP. Angel reaper: Thx for the interview and your support, spread our music !
J.: Thank you, and cheers from Belgium.


                                        INTERVIEW TAKEN BY NECROTROOPER

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