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Well, as I said, on this blog I also try to support some of the best bands from the Eastern Europe.

The first band that I want to speak about is Castrum. Formed in 1994 by Cornelius, Georgius and drummer Lancelot, with the will to play a unique death metal-style, under the name Maleficium. In 1995 drummer Werkoff joined and with him they recorded 3 demos:
1.Burial of the Affection
2.Flames by Impiety
3.Pleasure in the Deeds of Horror

At the same time they also had the black metal project Chamos. Chamos released only one demo in 1997 called "Hellish Reveries".

Werkoff left after that and Doni from the technical death metal band Soulrest replaced him. Georgius also left, so Cornelius took over the vocals as well.

Since then the band released:
2.Mysterious yet Unwearied(2002)

4.The Essence of the Past(DVD with the Georgius days-recordings, released in 2007)

Castrum song from 1996(which is part of "The Essence of the Past" DVD, and it appeared on the 1996 demo Pleasure in the Deeds of Horror). Georgius was the vocalist then:

Castrum song from the 2002 album "Mysterious yet Unwearied", with Cornelius on vocals this time

P.S.: An interview with Georgius will come soon

sâmbătă, 8 decembrie 2012


Well, it is hard to have some words for the beginning... The blog's main purpose is about metal scene(only old-school, not groove/melo-death/symphonic black/brutal death/deathcore/metalcore),  here in Eastern Europe(comments, events, promoting unknown bands sometimes etc.) and also abroad
Keep it metal \m/