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Interview Bony(Spinecrusher, ex-Snapjaw)

1.Hailz, Bony! Because this is the first interview for Sadistik Witchfukk, please tell us some infos about you!
Hail, Sorin! I'm former Snapjaw vocalist, the current Spinecrusher vocalist.

2.Which was your first band?(In case it is not Snapjaw, give some details about the band/bands where you sang.)
The first bands with which I sang was MG42 before having this name, at the 2nd and the last edition of a jam session.
The idea back then was that only the vocalist to be changed by the genre of the songs.
I sang with them 4 songs: "Witching Hour", "Ace of Spades", "Symphony of Destruction" and "Motorbreath".

3.How did you started to collaborate with Snapjaw, and what can you tell about the band(I guess that lots of people who read S.W. do not know about Snapjaw)
The collaboration with Snapjaw began some weeks after the jam-sessions I told you earlier. Cata(rhythm guitar) was in the crowd in that evening, searching for a
vocalist for the band he wanted to form. We didn't spoke back then, because I left immediately after the jam, but we met by mistake at a video show Pantera - "Watch it go",
where he asked me to be the vocalist. The band had no name back then, so I came up with the name Snapjaw.

Snapjaw playing live. From left to right: Cata Psycho, Bony, Mishu and Cristi
4.In 2010, Snapjaw splited-up. Why?
There were lots of reasons, I do not even know where to begin. The age difference I can say was one of the reasons, the rest of the members had a different point of view than mine,
towards the band and its style; they wanted a more modern(and updated sound?) that can sell; big demands regarding concerts and rehearsal places; line-up changing, that went to
the replacement of the older songs, but the biggest reason, at least for me, was the last of money. The others being much older, had jobs and they could afford paying monthly for the
rehearsal place. I couldn't afford so I proposed them that we should get on hold until I will find a job to pay for the rehearsal place. Of course that break was for forever,
because the band wanted to change the style, something pop-rock with another vocalist.

5.Between 2010 and 2012, as far as I know you didn't sang in any band. Did you left the metal scene in this time, or you were still in it but doing something else(besides Necrogore Productions)?
I left the metal scene for forever, because back then a group of people "owned" the scene, to say like this, had a plan to help bands who paid money or praised them,
something typically romanian unfortunately, and I did not wanted to take part. Actually, without money and without them, you have no chance to raise as a band or to
survive in the scene. Many venues where metal concerts were held closed the door, and chances to find new people for this style to form a new band, were very small,
almost impossible.

6.Since 2012 you are the vocalist of Spinecrusher. What can you say about this band? Did you influenced the band in any way?
I can say that Spinecrusher are reaching the level I wanted to reach with Snapjaw, they are much closer to the style I wanted to play. My influence on the band, was the
same I had also on the scene, that is about the image on stage. When I started to sing, many of the bands looked the same, they wore the same street-clothes on the stage,
and everything seemed unoriginal and dull. I left those concerts disappointed, and I felt that they did not deserved the money, so I wanted to do something that I wanted to see
at the other bands; the crowd to see a show as well, not just to listen the music(that you can do as well at home, being relaxed in your lounge).

7. Also, you released a demo with Spinecrusher. What can you tell us about it(recodings, who produced it, who wrote the music, the lyrics)?
The demo was recorded at my place, self-produced in the most DIY style to reduce the costs. The songs and the lyrics were written before I joined the band. It's a
3-songs demo, that tells a story.

8.What about Spinecrusher's future plans(signing with a label, perhaps an album)?
We plan to release a 10-songs album, hopefully to be released next year. I don't know if we'll sign with a label too soon, because our style it's not a sell-out on, like the core bands or
pagan/folk/avant-garde/experimental/bla-bla-manelo-subacvatic black metal that are the fashion bands.

9.Also, Spinecrusher opened for many bands such as Blasphemophagher, Sodomizer, Hellkommander, better said, Romanian Thrash Metal Club's events. What do you think about RTMC.
And how did they influenced Spinecrusher's activity?
They had a big role in the band's development, besides the mentioned concerts, "Hellthrash" would not even exist without their help. RTMC is one of the reasons that made me
to return in the metal scene and showed me that there is a chance for the genre I play. If they would form before, or if Snapjaw would resist a little bit, maybe that band would still be alive.

10.Besides the activity in these bands, I know that you collaborated with Necrogore Production as well. Do you still collaborate with them? What can you tell me about Necrogore
and some of its events.
The collaboration with Necrogore Production does not exist for some time. I only did some flyers for events, and when they organized a concert, I helped them staying at the entrance.
Because I had no band and I no longer wanted to have anything to do with metal, I thought it was a waste of time, and I had nothing to gain or to learn from it, I thought
I had not enough artistic freedom. After the organizer learnt how to use Photoshop(or Corel?) it was no need of my help. I can only wish them good luck for the future.

11.What do you think about the Romanian metal scene?
I have a very bad opinion, at least before joining Spinecrusher. The scene itself was one of the reasons I left the metal scene.
As I said before, a big part of it is seems to be a big "circlejerk", many people from "the previous generation" only help between themselves, praising themselves even
for the smallest achievements/releases, most of them being inexistent. Some people who only exploit the scene for personal profit, who openly lament for how hard is what they do
and that is the crowd's fault for their failures, because they cannot appreciate what is good. I know a lot of people who agree with me, but do not express openly because they're
afraid of those whom they depend on more or less. I see the metal scene as a music of revolt where you can express your ideas openly, and also your personally vision towards the
world. Although many things are in my detriment, I can not stop to openly express my honest opinion towards some persons and things that happened in our scene. In this way I know
exactly that every next event will be deserved, not for those who pay or give praisings to. I don't like that many things released in the metal press regarding some cancellations or
line-up changings are hidden. But nothing is lost though, luckily there appears in a new wave of bands, a new generation with big potential that I hope will bury the outdated mentalities.

12.Are you satisfied with Snapjaw and Spinecrusher's releases? Would you change something at them?
I can't say that I am satisfied regarding Snapjaw, actually, they are not that excellent. Regarding the EP, I am not proud at all; it would be better if it wouldn't exist,
if I'd knew that will end this way. I gained some experience since, and this is only a good thing, but mostly, I think that I wasted some good dieas. I would liked a LP instead of that EP,
that was only released because "that's how it is done&it is demanded".
I would like those releases to be recorded in another place, at someone with ideas and much more knowledge about metal and I would like to draw that artwork myself, which was in my opinion,
a waste of money just to look "actual". Mostly, I think that were taken lots of decisions that I didn't agreed with and maybe we will not be that known in this way.
I think we all have a favourite band, that changed the style into something not that good and you'd wish that band to split before this to happen, or at least to change the name.
Spinecrusher is at another level, it is just how I wished Snapjaw to be and I am more happy with its musical direction.

13.Speaking of Snapjaw, some of the songs were never released. Would you like to reform the band? Or, those songs to be part of Spinecrusher's setlist?
I would like to reform the band, but it's not mine and I think it will never happen. I lost lots of good songs that I liked a lot, but nobody remembers them and there are only
some bad-quality live recordings. A big part of Snapjaw's songs cannot be part of Spinecrusher's setlist, songs like "Waking up the vampire" that is too
melodic for Spinecrusher's style. Maybe "Back from the Grave" I would like to sing, but unfortunately, there is not any recorded version. It is the only song I liked a lot and I am sorry for it.
I would like to sing with Spinecrusher, but I didn't wrote it; so this is the situation. It would be cool to release an album with all the songs we have and to do a farewell tour, but these wishes will never achieve.

14.What romanian bands do you recommend(or from abroad)?
From Romania I don't know what to recommend, I rarely listen to romanian bands, this because of the lyrics, many times these lyrics are written in romanian language,
thing that I don't like, but actually it is good. Romanian bands that I mostly listen to are Cap de Craniu, The 13th Sun, The Nuggers, First Division, Raizing Hell,
Psycho Symphony, Crossbone and Code Red. From abroad I recommend Usurpress, Bombs of Hades, Tribulation, The Black Dahlia Murder, Blood Freak, Ghoul, Tormented, Repugnant,
Splatterhouse, After the Bombs, Skeletal Remains, Acid Witch, The Cramps, Kap Bambino, Pistamashina, Daikaiju, Guantanamo Baywatch, Dr. Living Dead, Gallhammer, Hellkommander
and Sodomizer. There are bands that influenced me, but many of them are already known

15.Your top 10 all-favourite albums...?
Tankard - Beast of Bourbon
Faith No More - Angel Dust
Mercyful Fate - Don't break the Oath
Motörhead - Bomber
Misfits - Earth A.D.
D.R.I. - Thrash Zone
Possessed - Beyond the Gates
Hellhammer - Triumph of Death
Black Sabbath - Sabotage
Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance

16.The last words are yours!
Support the bands with their own songs, not the tribute bands who does only exploit the scene.

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Necrochakal interview

Ungod - guitars, bass
Bestial Invocator - vocals and lyrics
1.Hailz and hellcome to Sadistik Witchfukk zine. Because this is the first interview with you, tell us more about your band!
1)Hello, Sorin!! Yes, it is the first interview with the zine indeed!!! Necrochakal started as an idea in 2010 by me, Manos(Revenge) and Ungod(Slaughtered Priest, Sad, Necrohell, Kvele)!! We wanted from the beginning of this idea to play something like old school deathrash!!!!

2.Did you played in other bands before Necrochakal?
Some unknown bands just for fun!! In 2005: Non Obedience and Unholy Vengeance then!!! Not important!!! This the first important that I take part in!!!

3.How did you joined Necrochakal?
As I told you in the 1st question, it begun as an idea with Me and Manos firstly to play old scohool deathrash music!!! I was totally agree and so we decided I would be the vocalist.

4.I see that you recorded a song called "Baptised in Excrucating Lashes", which ended on a split with Slaughtered Priest through Fistbang Records. How did you came in contact with Fistbang?
Yes!! Fistbang is like a friend with us and so came the deal with his label and Hells Fire distro too!!

5.Who write the music and who the lyrics for Necrochakal?
Music is written exclusively by Ungod(except the first song in which drums were played by Maelstrom) and I write the lyrics!

6.I know you will also release a split with mighty US band Terrorist. How have you been in contact with them? Which label will release it?
I am in contact with their guitarist Edgar since some months!! I really like their old-school maniac and I suggested to those maniax a 7" split release!! And they accepted of course. The 7" Split with Terrorist will be released in the mid of September by Ungod's label "Metal Throne"

7.I recently have seen that Maelstrom is no longer a member of the band. How this happened? Did you found any replacement or you still search?
No! As I told you the whole music is played by Ungod and lyrics-vocals by me!! So we still continue as 2 members band!! No fight of course with Maelsstrom!! He is friend of course and he is session member for some upcoming concerts.

8.I also like the artworks for both of your splits. Who did them?
Ungod has done both of the artworks!!!

9.How was the media response so far?
The friends and some guys that heard the stuff were very satisfied about the result!! We still have to keep on!! We're still in the beginning.

10.Now about live shows. Did you played live so far? If yes, (tell us the most important concerts and the crowd reaction).
No, we haven't played yet!! But we have dealed some live shows in the end of May in Paraguay with cult bands from there such as Master of Cruelty, Ekron Cult etc.. And of course in Mexico City supporting Nausea R'Lyeh and Sadistic Intent!! That's gonna be a great experience to play with those cult bands and to a crowd like South US Maniax!! I have to say that Necrochakal doesn't do or will do live shows in Greece!

11.What bands can you recommend us from Greece? Or from the rest of the world? Do you know any bands from Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and Moldova?
From Hungary I know Tormentor(old cult band), and to be honest from Romania I know Negură Bunget!!! To be honest I'm not so much into those countries!!! From Greece there are countless bands that play but if you want my opinion, a few of them are worthy!! Surely, I would recommend you Revenge and Slaughtered Priest!

12.Your top 10 all-time favourite albums are...?
Difficult question, but OK, I'll answer what comes to my mind now. Surely:
1.Iron Maiden - Killers
2.Destruction - Infernal Overkill
3.Sodom - Obsessed by Cruelty + Persecution Mania
4.Kreator - Pleasure to Kill
5.Sarcofago - INRI
6.Sepultura - Schizophrenia + Morbid Visions
7.Darkthrone - A blaze in the Northern Sky
8.Deicide - Deicide
9.Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
10.Razor - Executioner's Song
11.Mutilator - Immortal Force

13.What hobbies do you have besides music?
Watching sports with my friends and especially fotball!! We are supportes of the biggest greek team here called Olympiakos!! Also travelling when I can or seeing movies!

14.What foods, drinks, cigars, tobaccoes can you recommend us from your area?
The most known food here is Souvlaki!! Total traditional greek food!! About drinks Ouzo, Raki and Tsipouro are well known also and very strong drinks! About cigars I smoke Karelia this time! I used to smoke Prince and Winston!!! The most here according the crisis in Greece now smoke tobacco!!! It's cheaper for them.

15.What about your future plans as a band?(live shows, full-length etc.)
In some days has to be released a tape featuring 3 songs(3 of them are and will be included in 7" split releases) by Metal Throne!!! In the mid of September as you've been told a split release will be going to be released with Terrorist! About November hopefully comes the Full-Length and another split 7" release in the end of 2013 or beginning 2014 with Argentinian maniax Vomit of Doom, too!

16.And the interview is near its ending. The last curses are yours!
Necrochakal is a band that was created to spread Blasphemies all around to this which is called religion, conservatism and those nowadays shitty principles!! Do not belong and will never belong in any kind of scene especially here in Greece!! Death and Hate go to christians and all religious or trendy faggots!! Thanx a lot for the interview, Sorin, and good luck to your zine!! Support the Underground Maniac Forces!

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Interview with Tobias Fongelius(Jormundgand)

1. Hail Tobbe! Because this is the first intie with you, please give us a short bio regarding your band!
Hail! Well, we are JORMUNDGAND from Sweden. We have been lurking in the underground since 2004. The first demo "Satanic Attack" was recorded between 2008/2009, and at that time Hellbutcher from the mighty NIFELHEIM helped us a lot! He was with us in the studio and he even put some vocals to the song "Satanic Attack". He painted the cover for the demo and t-shirts, took all our promo pictures with his camera and more. In 2010 we recorded our single "The Eleven Path". I (Tobbe F) started my own record label "Burning Eye Productions" and the plan was to release the single on a 7" vinyl through Burning... But the dream hasn´t been transformed to reality yet because of different reasons.... In 2012 we decided to record our first full length-album. It is now finally finished and ready to be unleashed upon the surface of the world, to spread the poison of the mighty black dragon of the abysmal ocean of chaos!

2.How you got introduced into metal, and did you played in any bands before Jormundgand?
It came quite natural to me, I guess. I was around 6 or 7 years old and I heard Guns'n'Roses on the radio! It was "Paradise City" and I felt like totally blown away by the music! Then on the very same radio show they played "Poison" with Alice Cooper, and then I was trapped forever! Very soon after that I started to listen to more hard music like Metallica and Iron Maiden. When I was at the age of 14 I started my first band. We named it "Confused" and we played some kind of Swedish straight edge hardcore! Haha, the music really sucked! hahaha! We played live one time and splited-up shortly after that! When I was around 16 years old, I came in contact with Black Metal for the first time... And I can still remember the feeling of coming home, that I have finally found my musical way in life!

3.You are working on your first LP. Can you tell us all about it?(stuff such as recording process and so on). Did you signed with a label to promote it, or it is self-released?
Yeah, this will be our first fullength album! The thing is that it´s only two "new" songs on that recording! Those are "Malice Striker" and " Beyond the Bound". The rest of the songs were written between 2010 and 2012. I felt that we had too much un-recorded material to move on forward with the other new songs that will be on our next release. We have taped all our earlier material on a tape recorder. And everything has been recorded live in the studio. But this time we did a lot more time in the studio. We recorded all  the instruments in separated steps, beginning with the drums, then bass, then guitar...... It was more time-consuming than I could ever imagine! And money-eating! That's why it took us more than one year to record the album! All my money has been pumped in this record, so I can´t release it by my own label, through "Burning Eye Productions". Not just because of the money, but because of all the time it took away from the music and creation of music. To make Black metal you need a very strong connection with your inner self. If you don't find that state of mind, then you will loose all the true spirit of your creation, especially now when we play live as well.

4.Are there any guests on the album? ( Hellbutcher or other ones?)
I had plans to invite Hellbutcher to the studio again, and to ask Oscar from RAM to put some heavy metal song to one of the tracks, but, it never felt like the right thing to do! So, no guests on this album!

5.You shared the stage with Necrocurse on 5th of April in Gonthenburg. How was Your concert?
Ah! It was fucking great! We feel more hunger now than ever before! We did a gig in Trollhättan 4 weeks after the Gothenburg gig, and it was fucking awsome as well! Hail Satan!

6.What is the situation regarding your new shows? have you decided to tour Europe, or it will be just in Sweden (or Scandinavia)?
We will play as much as we can. I feel that we have a great potential to be a killer band on stage!

7.How are the things going with Burning Eye Productions?
Well, I am a little bit unsure about the future of Burning Eye Productions, at least with the Jormundgand thing. But I will have the label active in one or another way. Maybe releasing other bands' material and organizing concerts and tours. Time will tell!

8.What is JORMUNDGAND's current line-up and if the members of the band take part in other projects?
It's me Tobias Fongelius on bestial vomit and guitar! And Ingo on drums. Erik K on guitar. He is active in a few other bands as well, like Vornth, Autokrat and Xul. Tobbe P has been involved in everything we have done so far, all the recordings and our two first live shows, but not anymore. He wants to give his main band "RAM" all his focus, I believe. So it's a fucking shit situation right now to be honest. But I understand and respect his decision. All hails to the mighty masters of "Heavy Metal Tyranny" - RAM!

9.Your top 10 all-time favourite albums are...?
Shit! Haha, what a question! Ok.... Starting from 1.

  1. Storm of the Light´s Bane
  2. The Somberlain
  3. Reinkaos
  4. Servants of Darkness
  5. Lawless Darkness
  6. Blood Fire Death
  7. Altars of Madness
  8. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
  9. Morbid Visions
  10. Again Shall Be

Well, I will probably change my mind tomorrow, but what the fuck: all this albums are fucking killer!

10.Do you know any bands from Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova?
It's funny that you're asking me that, because when I was down to "Halmstad" in Sweden last month to bang my head to Nifelheim, Vulcano and The Stone, it was something unexpected that happened on the stage! As you maybe know, Tamás from the Hungarian band Tormentor is now a member in Nifelheim. And in the middle of the show, Hellbutcher went of from the stage and Attila Csihar came up instead and they started to play the intro to the "Anno Domini" record, and then they played "Tormentor" with Attila on vox! That was fucking legendary! But besides Tormentor, Domhring, Castrum and Chamos my knowledge about your bands is very thin I'm afraid.

11.What bands can you recommend us from Sweden (and also from the rest of the world)?
Well, Vornth(swedish speed metal), Xul (swedish black metal), Necrocurse (Swedish Death Metal), Mordant (Swedish Black Metal), Trial (Swedish Heavy Metal), In Solitude ( Swedish Heavy Metal). And of course, RAM (Swedish Heavy Metal).

12.Now regarding your local cuisine: what foods, drinks, cigars, tobaccoes can you recommend?
Hmm, Sweden is very famous for our great KebabPizza! So if you come to Sweden, just order Kebab! We have something called "Systembolaget" in Sweden. And that's the only store where you can buy your alcohol. It's forbidden to sell alcohol in foodshops etc. Quite shitty if you ask me, but it have one big +. Every "Systembolaget" store have like 100 different beers, and maybe 100 different whiskeys and like 1000 different wines! So we have a lot of different brands to pick from! Personally i like scotch whiskey and irish dark stoutbeer!

13. I was very pleased to find out that Jon Nödtveidt (Rest and Reign in Chaos) is your hero as well as mine. From your letters, I've got to know that you didn't know Jon personally, but what do you think of Him as a person and musician?
Because i have a lot of friends that knew Jon personally, I know that he was a great person and musician! He was like a never ending source of musical energy and inspiration and the guitar riffs just sprayed out of his fingers into his guitar! He is, and will always remain, my greatest inspiration both musically and spiritually! Hail the bloodline of fire!
Hail Jon Nödtveidt!
Might his legacy never be forgotten.

14.Tack så mycket, Tobias and Jormundgand! Hail to Northern Dragon of Chaos! Your message to readers of Sadistik Witchfukk..?
Varsågod min vän! I hope to meet you in the mighty Carpathians soon!
Hail Satan!

You can listen to the music here: http://www.myspace.com/jormundgand666
And the link to Burning Eye Productions: http://www.myspace.com/burningeyeproductions

Interview taken by Georgius and Necrotrooper

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Interview with Roel(owner of Vic Records)

1. Hail Roel and Vic records! please tell to our readers about the beginning!
Hail brother! Well, it all started when I did Mortician Mag in the early 90's...Interviewed many bands, we wrote tons of reviews, etc.....One of those bands was Katatonia and they asked me if I knew a label to release their demo on CD. So I said: give me a week and I will try to do it myself. I borrowed some money, found a pressing plant, and released the demo on CD, Vic001 it was...

2. Your first release is Katatonia's 1992 demo "Jhva Elohim Meth". Why a band from Sweden and not one from Netherlands?
Yep, well, I was totally into Swedish death metal, went to Stockholm each summer to meet my friends in Entombed, Therion, Carbonized, Afflicted etc etc..So it was obvious a Swedish band would be number 1:)  Haha, no, it wasn't intentioanlly a Swedish one....Of course I knew many great Dutch death metal bands.. Went watching Sinister, Gorefest ect in their demos days each weekend...But somehow my first 4 releases were Swedish. Trying to cacth up Ducth releases now with Weapons to Hunt, Polluted Inheritance, The Gatherng, Phlebotomized, Swazafix ect, haha. And more to come, like Obtruncation (re-issue of the debut and a brand new one!!), Eternal Solstice debut re-issue,and some more!!

3. When did you started, what genres did you wanted to focus on?
I was deeply into death metal in the end of the 80's / early 90's...But it wasn't necessarily to release death metal only.. The scene was fresh and exciting back then.... New subgenres coming up like Gothenburg sound, black metal and all sort of mixes..... Early Katatonia wasn't death metal, nor black metal, nor doom, a perfect blend of it al, right?! I was into extreme underground metal, not a particular style. Always loved Iron Maiden as well of course....

4. Please share some infos about Your artists and last releases!
Latest releases are the Johansson & Speckmann 'Sulphur Skies 'album, 2 death metal cult figures joined forces. The unrelased Master album 'Unknown Soldier, from 1985. Swazafix featuring Theo Loomans (RIP!), Phlebotomized demo and mini on 1 album. Upcoming reelease will be the Grai debut album release (now available outside of Russia for the first time, plus bonus video), and some realy exciting things coming up featuring Dutch death metal veterans... Can't say much yet, but keep an eye on our website/facebook page for more news! You will love it, I am sure about that, haha

5. What is Your opinion about music industry today and free downloading?
Illegal (I call it illegal instead of free:) kills our business. Ilegal downloading 'fans 'dont realize  someone has to pay for recordings, mix, mastering, artwork ect BEFORE it could be downloaded....AND by downloading illegally, no one can recoupe their costs, nor make any cash. Needless to say, you cant earn any money to invest in the next release...But hey, its like that..Internet has many positive sides, and some negative. When you check out your bands illegally / for free on the internet and whe you like it you pay for it, OK to me:) Cant change it...So its a fact we have to deal with...

6. Would You be so kind to recommend us some Dutch bands?
Of couse, haha... First of all the bands we all know: Sinister, Asphyx, Thanatos, Hail of Bullets, Bodyfarm, Houwitser....Phlebotomized will do some live shows and might return, Weapons to Hunt did a nice abum;). Pentacle is great and are still around. And the early 90's we had MANY great bands like Polluted Inheritance, Swazafix, Bluuurgh, Dissect, Mourning, Eternal Solstice, Threnody, Burial, Judgement Day, Dead End ect etc...And as said, Obtruncation will do a new album soon! Do you know their demo 2 from 1992? One of the most heavy, brutal intense deathmetal ever emerged from the Netherlands!!!!!

7. Were you in contact with bands from Hungary, Ukraine, Romania or Moldova?
YES! We have released several Hungarian bands, Sin of Kain, Archaic, Bornholm and Sear Bliss. András
 from Sear Bliss is a long time friend. No releases from the other areas you mentioned. Ukraine has a great scene though!

8. What are Your favourite releases from last year (including Vic-records ones)?
Listening to Bodyfarm a lot these days, great album on a great label. All Asphyx works are great, Johansson & Speckmann is a real great old school album (out in June)...Also in a Greek metal trip these days, old Rotting Christ, Varathron, Necromantia and Thou Art Lord are extremely great!

9. Could You recommend us some foods, drinks from The Netherland, especially from Your area?
Not sure if my area, Utrecht, has any specialities actually..... Good piece of meat will do it for me! As for drink, we have some nice beers, but the Belgium ones reign supreme of course...

10. Apart working at Vic records do You have another job? Do You have any hobbies apart music?
Vic records is my full time job. Luckily my wife works too:). Not in the music business of course, haha... Music is also my main hobby....Also can enjoy sports, football especially...

11. Have you organized any concerts?
Nope:) Running the label, meaning releasing music and all it takes all my time.......

12. What can you tell about your future plans?
Some Dutch underground pearls re-issues of course! Also some great German re-issues are coming up: Torchure and Ashorted Heap!! Remember those bands?

13. Bedankt/Thanks for the interview. The last (blasphemic) words are yours!
THANK you, Georg! Keep on supporting metal! Much appreciated!

Interview taken by Georgius and Necrotrooper

Also, if you need any help for your band, the label can be contacted here:

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As you've read(or not hehehe) the interview with Georgius(the first one done for S.W.), he said that then 1995-1997 Castrum line-up had also a project entitled Chamos.
Well, what is Chamos?
Georgius gave a description: "Cornelius had 2 tracks which didn’t fit too much to Castrum conception in 1996 and we decided to start a blackened death/thrash project, called Chamos. We chose demon-pseudonames and recorded these two songs in our rehearsal room in 1997. At our live Castrum-shows we played a few times these ones but never will be recorded in studio… "

And now, they are uploaded on youtube



As you can see, the lyrics cover historical themes.
And the 2nd track is NOT A NS TRACK!!!


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Interview with Erik Sprooten(Ancient Rites, ex-Inquisitor)


1.Hailz Erik, and hellcome to our webzine. Because this is the first intie with you, please give us some infos about you!
Most people who read this interview probably know me best as Dutch guitarist of Black Metal band Ancient Rites, and some also might remember that I was guitarist of the Extreme Thrash Metal band Inquisitor. What is less known, is that I'm also guitarist for a Hardrockcoverband called Plusminus. I'm also involved in a foundation called “Noord Geldersch Metaal” which organises metal gigs in my hometown Harderwijk. During the daytime I have an office job at the planning department of a local company in my hometown.

2.Tell us, first, how were you introduced into metal?
I slowly grew into listening metal, ever since I was exposed to KISS in 1979 when they had huge hits. Only after listening a lot to their compilation album “Double Platinum”, I started developing a taste for hard rock music. An older brother of a friend of mine introduced me to other hardrock bands like Van Halen and Status Quo. Only a few years later I discovered metal by checking out albums of  Iron Maiden and Saxon. Around the year 1985, I started to appreciate Metallica and not much later also thrash metal like Slayer and Sacred Reich. At the end of the 80's, I started to appreciate death metal. And in the 90's I became interested in Black metal. Nowadays I still listen to a lot of metal but I also listen to what is nowadays called Classic Rock. Generally speaking, you could say that my collection of music ranges roughly from Southern Rock to Black Metal.

3.Did you played in other bands before Inquisitor?
It's hardly worth mentioning but yes, I played in only one band before Inquisitor, which was called Menticide. Menticide was short-lived and never played live or released any demo. The very first line-up started in 1989 and was with Alex Bakker and Wim v/d Valk. For me and Wim it was actually our first experience of being in a band. Alex already had band experience before. Wim and Alex didn't stay long in Menticide and joined an extreme thrash metal band called Desultory. When Wim and Alex left Desultory in 1991, I joined forces with them again, and Inquisitor was born early 1992. My first live gig was with Inquisitor in 1992.

4. What can you tell about the Inquisitor days? Are you satisfied now with its works?
Inquisitor existed roughly from early 1992 till the end of 1996 and was in a way a continuation of the extreme thrash metal style Desultory did, which was a style we liked a lot, but we felt that we could improve it to a higher level. Our main influences were (extreme) thrash metal bands such as Sadus, Kreator, Dark Angel and Sabbat but we were also influenced by death metal and other styles of metal. The first line-up recorded the demo's “Blasphemous Accusations”  (1992) and “Your Pain will be Exquisite” (1993) and consisted of: Alex Wesdijk on vocals, Erik Sprooten on guitar, Alex Bakker on bass and Wim VanderValk on Drums. With this line-up we did several gigs in The Netherlands, and we even did three gigs in Belgium. At one of those gigs in Holland we were even support-act for a certain band called Ancient Rites. In 1993 some local churches searched contact with the organisation of an outdoor festival in our hometown to get our gig cancelled because they were very concerned with our “not so christian-friendly” lyrics. An article about this matter appeared in a local paper a few days after our gig, and the result of this was, that we gained even more attention in the metal scene. In 1995, the second line-up with Hans Pos on bass as replacement for Alex Bakker, recorded “Walpurgis – Sabbath of Lust”, which was released in 1996 by Shiver Records. With this line-up we did several gigs in Holland of course, and also three gigs in Germany. I'm still satisfied with the recordings and the music of Inquisitor. And I'm still proud of what I did with Inquisitor. I do enjoy reading reviews about Inquisitor on the internet. And without Inquisitor, I probably wouldn't be in Ancient Rites. 

5. I know that you re-released the LP "Walpurgis-Sabbath of Lust". Tell us more about this (the format cd/dvd/lp and if contains any additional stuff such as additional tracks or a booklet in it too)!
The original CD is hard to find for quite some time now, and last year I saw someone selling it on Ebay for a huge amount of money. Also last year, a friend of mine notified me about a split-CD with Inquisitor on  it, which I didn't know existed. Apparently someone released this split-CD a few years ago, which wasn't an official release. So I guess if someone else is releasing Inquisitor un-officially, then it must be interesting enough to do a proper re-release.  And it seems this is going to happen, 'cause at the moment I have a verbal agreement with a record company for a re-release. This re-release will probably contain the demo's too and may possibly also be released on vinyl. No release date is known yet.

6. Are you still in contact with Inquisitor members? Have you ever thought of a reunion-show?
I'm still in contact with most Inquisitor members. Alex Bakker, the bass-player who can be heard on the Inquisitor demos, is also a member of my hardrockcoverband Plusminus, so I see him quite often. I sometimes meet our ex-singer Alex Wesdijk. And recently I got into contact with Wim again. I met Hans, pure coincidentally, a few years ago on a small open air festival. Nowadays he plays bass-guitar in a band called “After The Silence”.
I'm certainly not against a reunion, but I have my doubts if that will ever happen. Only the future will tell. 

7. What do you think about Centurian? What do you think about their latest album?
Centurian is one of the best and brutal death metal bands ever to emerge from The Netherlands, and was founded by ex-Inquisitor drummer Wim. Their music is quite intense. Once in a while I enjoy listening to their albums. And so far, I only have heard one song of their new album, which definetely sounds like Centurian, although it is without Wim on drums.

8. Now about Ancient Rites: when and how did you joined? Was it during the supporting tour of "Blasfemia Eternal" or afterwards?
During the “Blasfemia Eternal” tour in 1996, when I was still in Inquisitor, I was a session-guitarist, and I had a great time on that tour! It was definetely a tour with a good vibe between all the bands. That tour also helped Inquisitor getting some exposure in Germany. It was also during that tour, that Gunther and Walter already had plans to have two guitarists again in Ancient Rites. So when Inquisitor was struggling with internal problems later that year, the idea of me joining Ancient Rites as second guitarist was born. So I contacted Gunther and since someone else was also interested, an audition was organized. I was chosen, and became second guitarist of Ancient Rites, the first gig was in January 1997. The other guitarist back then was Raf Jansen. Later in 1997 Jan Yrlund replaced Raf.

9. On the albums you played with Ancient Rites there was lot of melody. What were your influences on those albums? Are you interested into history too, like Gunther?
Throughout the years I've become a more melodic and versatile guitarplayer, which especially culminated on the album “Rubicon”.  Although a lot of melody is present on the albums I take part in, some of my thrash metal influenced riffs were also used in several songs. Fast melodic riffs like the ones which can be heard in “Mother Europe” and “Invictus” are definetely influences I brought into Ancient Rites. I also add my skills on guitar to the music of Ancient Rites but without comprising the music. On the “Rubicon” album there's for example one melodic/lead guitar which I play in the Harmonic minor scale (instead of the regular minor scale), which sound a little bit (so-called) Neo-classical, which I created just to make a little difference musically. Furthermore, I think that my guitarsolo's are an influence too.
I am interested in history but I don't absorb myself that much into that as Gunther does. He knows much more about history than I do.

10. How was the Ancient Rites show in Rotterdam? Did it everything went well? What can you tell about the crowd?
I think we delivered a good show in Rotterdam.The reaction of the crowd was really good and quite a lot of them were banging and singing along. The sound on stage was good and  really comfortable to play. Although I was a little bit struggling with my floorboard, I'm in general very satisfied with the gig.

11. As I know You wanted to play live and in rehearsals a kvlt-track, Blasphemer from Sodom. Do You want to record then in studio also?
As far as I know, Ancient Rites has never performed songs from other bands live or in the studio, and probably never will. “Blasphemer” is definetely a kvlt track, and certainly one of my favourite songs from Sodom, but I don't have a real desire to perform or record this song with Ancient Rites. Last year during the rehearsals I sometimes just played the beginning of that kvlt song and Gunther simply reacted to that! It's something that just developed after Gunther and I listened to “In the Sign of Evil” from Sodom in my car after a rehearsal.

12. How it's goings the things with Your guitar-parts for the upcoming Ancient Rites album?
At home I have recorded some guitar-parts and ideas, of which most of them I intent to use for Ancient Rites. Everyone is doing their share in writing new material and I'm working on a few demo-songs for Ancient Rites too, which are almost ready but I'm still not yet satisfied enough with them. It'll take me some time expirementing with ideas but in the end I will get a satisfying result. Most important thing is, that the music has to feel right. Some of my guitar parts will only take shape during the actual recordings of the upcoming album.
Ancient Rites is definetely in writing-modus again and we already have written a few songs.

13. Your top 10 all-time favourite metal albums are...?
  • Judas Priest – Unleashed in the East
  • Dark Angel – Darkness Descends
  • Kreator – Pleasure To Kill
  • Holy Terror – Mind Wars
  • Sadus – Illusions (aka Chemical Exposure)
  • Slayer – Hell Awaits
  • Massacra – Final Holocaust
  • Iron Maiden – Live after Death
  • Sathanas – Black Earth
  • Metal Church – Metal Church

14. What are your hobbies besides the music?
In my freetime, everything I like doing is more or less music-related. But besides music, I like to take time to enjoy the beautiful nature in my area. There are plenty of beautiful forests and there is a lot of heath. 

15. Do you know any bands from Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova?
Not that much, but I know Sear Bliss and Negura Bunget, and thanks to you I know your old bands Castrum and Dohmring now. I also saw a few Romanian and Macedonian bands when Ancient Rites was on tour in the Balcan. 

16. What bands can you recommend us? (from Belgium and the Netherlands, and then from over the world)
In The Benelux we have known metal bands such as Heidevolk, Legion of the Damned, Aborted, Hail of Bullets, Asphyx, Epica etc..
From the lesser known bands I'd like to recommend Lord Volture, which is a great dutch Heavy/Power Metal band. For those who like Death Metal, I would recommend The Lucifer Principle, KhaoZ and Victimizer from The Netherlands. If you like hardrock, then I would recommend Vanderbuyst. From my own area I would like to recommend Thrash Metal band Portall. And last year I saw a promising heavy metal band from Sweden called Steelwing.

17. Now about your local cuisine: what foods, drinks, cigars and tobaccoes can you recommend?
A typical dutch food is Kale aka borecole, although I wouldn't consider this as Haute Cuisine, it does taste good in my opnion. It is mostly served in combination with a smoked sausage known as Gelderse Rookworst., which is a speciality from the province Gelderland where I live. When it comes to dutch beer, I would recommend Hertog Jan. A typical Dutch drink is a spirit called Jenever, which seems to be comparable to Gin. I don't smoke at all, so I can't and won't recommend cigars and other tobacco related stuff at all.

18. Dank je wel, Erik! The last (hateful) words are yours!
Thanks a lot for this interview and space in Sadistik Witchfukk! Keep supporting the metal scene and keep it alive! \m/

marți, 7 mai 2013

interview with Eric Daniels(Grand Supreme Blood Court, Soulburn, ex-Asphyx)


1.Hail Eric, Grand Judge Daniels! How are you now? We 've checked out a video about Grand Supreme Blood Court-show at Turock, Essen. How was your concert?
Hi Georg and Sorin, I am doing fine, thank you! The concert at Turock was awesome, we had a great time overthere, and we also give our gratitude and thanks for the good time towards our fans visiting there.

2.Grand Supreme Blood Court's debut album, "Bow Down Before The Blood Court", is one of my favourite death/doom releases of the last year. What is your most-liked track from your debut? Did you started to write some new riffs for the new material?
First, thank you very much for you like our debut-album, that’s nice to hear. My personal track I like most is “Circus Of Mass Torment”, the fact was this track was composed as last and due to the fact the CD was becoming too short without this song makes it special also, the lyrics are killer-one, and the structure of the song is like continue and continue, the drive of the song is just great. Of course the other tracks are good as well, but this one I like most. Oh yes, ideas are always flowing around, Alwin and me already have some good material as riffs on the shell, we definitely gonna sort them out together and make a new song. But it’s on an easy going base, first we have to support the album as much we can.

3.Do You have any plans to make a videoclip for one of G.S.B.C.-tracks?
It sure crossed our minds to do a videoclip. We like to do a killer live-one. However still the ideas are there, maybe after the release for the second album, not sure about that, but we still like to do one for sure.

4.You put your killer guitar-riffs on a French death metal band called Affliction Gate's EP, "Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions", last year. Share with us, please, some info about this collaboration!
Yes that’s true. I was asked by Grief if I would like to do a guitar-solo in one of their songs. I like their material very much, it has the pure soul for real doom/death metal, and that’s what I like and did. I heared it back later at the EP, and we both are very happy with the result. It’s not the way I gonna do often to appear as guest-musician, if the atmosphere gets me from the songs I have the urge to do it, but consider it as an one-time activity. I wish AG succes and good luck with their new EP. Just check it out people I would say.

5.Last year you also did a guitar solo to one of bands of Rogga Johansson, Megascavenger, on the track "To Revel With Vermin". Would you be so kind tell about it?
Also correct, Rogga asked me a time ago if I would like to do a solo-part on one of his songs he made, and it was far before the recordings for the Blood Court, so I was thrilled to record it. I did the solo at home, and sended it to him, and he liked it very much. I heared it back later and it was damn cool.

6.Going back to the past you played death/doom for almost 25 years. Some other Netherlandese death metal bands such as Pestilence, God Dethroned, Gorefest to name a few, changed their style to something new. Would you like to try something new too?
Well, I realy don’t care what those other bands did or do concerning there playing style, that’s their decision, bit for me and I can say also us, we just play the real doom/death metal how it was and is mentioned to be. I realy cant understand why they will do that, maybe they felt bored of what they were playing, I don’t know, or it was trendy to play death metal. If style will change, believe me, the true soul will be gone. But I don’t speak and judge about other bands, what we know, we just do what we think are best in. We are no super musicians, but people don’t have to try to learn us how the right music is played with heart and soul. There are so much possibilities within our music, be creative, no style to change, or try something new. Its like, bands don’t have to think they are original nowadays, all kinds of metal is invented, the circle is closed. The challenge is how to bring it on an pure way.

7.You are one of my favourite guitarists of death metal and I'm always fascinated about your awesome sorrowful solos. From where do you get inspiration to create them?
Thank you very much for the kind and nice words, that makes my day! Well, back years ago around 1989 when I joined ASPHYX we were reharsing for the 2 songs 7” Mutilating Process, at the rehearsal I just played some long notes inside the song, it wasn’t hearable, but when we listened back the tape of the rehearsal, Bob called me and said, hey Eric what did you do there on the song..it sounds amazing. I was realy flattered about his words. I cant play fast soloing, only by tremolo, I like to abuse that thing to the core, but normal fast soloing I hate to play, so I decided just to play the solo’s very slow and doomy, it went super and it feels great to do. It gives more atmosphere. I play those solos only with a digital delay pedal, nothing special. It wasn’t planned, it just felt to play the solos this way. It are the base-riffs behind the solos which give me inspiration. When the right doom-riff comes up, the doom soloing is a perfect match for it. Not technical skills for that but I can say with all the feeling I have inside my body I play em.

8.Were you in contact with bands from Eastern Europe? Can you recommend us such bands from this area?
As you know I was off from the metal-scene a long time, almost 9 years, so I had to dig up in a short time now almost 3 years to hear good metal-bands again. Sorry, you have to fill me in here for the Eastern Europe-bands, cause its sometimes hard to find the right and good bands. I follow the stream of facebook and when I am curious about a youtube vid, I click it. I hardly listen to music from LP’s or CD’s, I use the internet a lot. That’s one of the progress matters since the last years. The digital period is nice to develop and follow. The band I realy like is: Coffins, the tank rolling sound, the voice, all the right and pure ingredients of death metal. We play with them on the Party San. Hope I can buy a shirt from em there, looking forward to that !!

9.Which are your all-time favourite albums?
I give you my all-time favourite top 5:
  • Possessed - Seven Churches
  • Venom - Welcome to hell
  • Bathory - Hammerheart
    Riot - Fire down under
  • Sacred Blade - Of The Sun + Moon

10.As we noticed You are into movies also. Which ones are all-time faves and what movies do you wait this year?
Owhh I have so many movies I like, this would be a very long list, but I give you also my top 5 favourite movies:
  • Evil Dead (original)
  • The Exorcist
  • The Shining (original)
  • Halloween part 1 and 2
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 1
I wait for Evil Dead the remake and the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Also the new Die Hard I like to watch too. All this movies I haven’t seen yet, but for those movies I take time to watch them.

11.Can you recommend us some kind of Dutch tobaccoes and coffee?
Well, I can only give you recommends about the things I like myself, it’s a personal taste, I like “van nelle export” tobacco, handrolling, I am not a cigaret-freak, I don’t like the filters on cigarets, and I like douwe egberts coffee fresh made, however I use my senseo coffee maker most of the time, in the morning strong tasting pads, to wake up better.

12.What recommendations do you have from Dutch cuisine?
Stew, kale with sausage, dutch winterfood I like most, however I am not an kitchen-prince, I like Italian food the most, pasta, pizza, ect, but since my heart-attack 2 years ago I managed to live more healthy, it’s something to face. I like lots of different food, not much I don’t like to say. A nice dinner, tasty, I can enjoy that very much.

13.Dank u wel, Eric, your message to the readers of Sadistik Witchfukk webzine/Hungarian Zenevilág?
Graag gedaan and good-luck with your webzine!! Your Dutch is great! To the GSBC readers of Sadistik Witchfukk i say, thanks for your support to the Blood Court..you RULE !!, and towards the GSBC-unknown readers I say…check the album out, we sentences you to…pure brutal Death Metal !! We hope to visit you all soon ! in the meantime..check our facebook-site : www.facebook.com/grandsupremebloodcourt

Facebook official: https://www.facebook.com/grandsupremebloodcourt

UPDATE: Soulburn is back
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/official.soulburn


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Interview with Sepulchral Voices(thrash metal from Belgium)

From left to right: Seb. Ironfist(guitar), J.(drums), GP Angel reaper(bass, vocals)

1.Hailz Sepulchral Voices, and welcome to the Sadistik Witchfukk zine! Because this is the first interview with you, tell us about your band!
GP. Angel reaper: Hi, dude! Sepulchral Voices is an old-school thrash metal band, which we started in July 2012. First, it was only me and Seb. Ironfist, who decided to make a band and after many rehearsals at my house (in the city of Tamines), we decided to find a drummer and so we found J. who joined us during October 2012.
Seb. Ironfist: The band started during the summer of 2012 with GP. Angel reaper and J., joined us in september. We are influenced by Sodom, Kreator, and all the speed metal, thrash metal scene from the 80's.
J.: Hail, we are a spritual-philosophic band with hippies-pacific-christian-buddist-muslim tendencies... Alright, I stop my jokes. We are a thrash metal band, our music is simply agressive.

2.Have you played in any other bands than Sepulchral Voices before? If so, give details about that!
GP. Angel reaper: Sepulchral Voices is my first serious band, because about few years ago, when i was a drummer, i started many projects, but it was nothing serious.
Seb. Ironfist: I never played in a band, because I have only 2 years of practising (guitar).
J.: I will tell you the most important ones, because if I will tell all the bands, it will take 2 pages : Lacerate (death-grind), Devoured (thrash-death), Extremist (thrash) and many others. Actually, I play in Goat Perversör (black-thrash), Vorax Virosus (grind-death), Sepulchral Voices and perhaps the come-back of Extremist.

3.You recorded a rehearsal-demo (I really like the quality, it sounds like it was recorded in 1984-1985, congrats to you for that!). What can you tell about it (songwriting process, lyrical themes). Who is writing the lyrics and who is writing the music?
GP. Angel reaper: Yes, it's a rehearsal demo with raw and dirty sound hehe. For composing songs, me and Seb are trying some riffs and when we found these good, J. put the drums on it. I write the lyrics, they're about metal, satan, witches... nothing original hehe.
Seb. Ironfist: GP. found the ideas for the lyrics and for the songs, it's me and Seb, after J. put the drum on it.
J.: First, we have to give thanks to Gabriel Tapia (singer and guitarist of Vorax Virosus. He also drew the logo of Vorax, t-shirt of Dehuman, Slaughter Messiah and the artwork of Maleficence demo tape). It was a home-made recording with a dictaphone and all the instruments in same time. After we recorded the vocals, Gabriel put all on his laptop and did the mixing. The results were what we expected.

4.On what formats is the demo available on (apart of mp3 haha): vinyl, cd or tape? Do you have any artworks for it? Do you plan to send it to distros, or it is only promotional and it is only for labels and such?
GP. Angel reaper: We have a demo available in cd (it's CD-r), everything was home-made haha. The first thing is to share our music, so we send or sell our demo to many people. We'll think about an artwork for the EP.
Seb. Ironfist: Demo is available on CD, we try to make our band known. The artwork is for the future EP.
J.: Have we an artwork ???

5.What other bands can you recommend us from Belgium?
GP. Angel reaper: Slaughter Messiah, Maleficence, Evil Shepherd, Evil Invaders, Horacle, Nemesis Irae, Goat Perversör, Vorax Virosus and Gae Bolga
Seb. Ironfist: Horacle, Slaughter Messiah, Maleficence, Goat Perversör and Vorax Virosus.
J.: Goat Pervesör (black-thrash), Vorax Virosus (grind-death), Slaughter Messiah (black-thrash), Dehuman (death), Nemesis Irae (black-death), Maleficence (black-thrash), Spermafrost (black and roll), Dezhumanizer (black), Domine Hate (death) for the most underground.

6.Did you played any live shows yet?
GP. Angel reaper: No, we have to make more songs.
Seb. Ironfist: We are ready, but we have to make more songs because now, we can play only 15 minutes and it's not too much.
J.: Not for now, but later yes.

7.How is the response so far about your music?
GP. Angel reaper : I'm very glad, because many people like our music, we have a lot of support.
Seb. Ironfist: The comments are good.
J.: Our music is shit, don't listen to it, because she'll turn you from the way of god haha.

8.Do you take a look on Fenriz's Band of the Week? I know he recommends old-school stuff, and stuff that you play too. What do you think about the latest Darkthrone releases?
GP. Angel reaper: I don't know, I'll try to get a look on it. I've listened the last Darkthone and I liked it.
Seb. Ironfist: I've listened the last Darkthrone and I liked it, especially the track "Leave no Cross Unturned", but I prefer the "Dark Thrones and Black Flags" album, because it's more punkish.
J.: No and I didn't knew that, I will die less idiot haha. The last Darkthrone is good, but I have some difficulties with the clean vocals.

9.Your top 10 all-time favourite albums are...?
GP. Angel reaper: I can't answer because the numbers is over than 10 for me haha.
Seb. Ironfist:
  • Skull Fist - Head öf the Pack
  • Iron Maiden - Killers
  • Sodom - In the Sign of Evil
  • Kreator - Endless Pain
  • Angel Witch - Angel Witch
  • Darkthrone - Dark Thrones and Black Flags
  • Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales
  • Enthroned - Towards the Skullthrone of Satan
  • Violent Force - Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow
  • Destruction - Sentence of Death
J.: This question is too difficult for me, because there are many albums from many bands. I can't tell you only
10. It will take a long-time.

10.What bands can you recommend from Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova?
GP. Angel reaper: O-Zone from Moldova haha.
Seb. Ironfist: Tormentor from Hungary.
J.: In few minutes... From Ukraine, I know: Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh, Hate forest. From Hungary: Sear Bliss, Archivum, Hungarica and from Romania: Negură Bunget.

11.What hobbies do you have beside music?
GP. Angel reaper: Watching movies, playing old video-games...
Seb. Ironfist: Collecting vinyls.
J.: Drinking, eating and fucking.

12.What foods, drinks, cigars, tobaccoes can you recommend us from your area?
GP. Angel reaper: Fries, Fricadelle, Waffels, Carbonnades à la flamande, molds with fries. Many varieties of beer like Duvel, Chimay Bleue, Kasteel Donker, Trappistes de Rochefort, Grimbergen, Orval and many many others.
Seb. Ironfist: Beers, Waffle, Fries and Pekêt(walloon name for juniper).
J.: Mold with fries, Carbonnade à la flamande, Waterzooï, many kind of cheese with many special beers: trappist, from abbey, with fruits etc.... For all tastes and all ages.

13.What about your future plans?
GP. Angel reaper & Seb. Ironfist: Doing some gigs, it's the most important.
J.: Being famous with our band, so we can eat Jack Daniel's, lobster, caviar and pay some hookers haha. No, seriously, play much as possible with a lot of fun.

14.That's all for now. The last (threatening) words are yours!
GP. Angel reaper: Thx for the interview and your support, spread our music !
J.: Thank you, and cheers from Belgium.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SepulchralVoice
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SPVbelgium

                                        INTERVIEW TAKEN BY NECROTROOPER

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Interview with Rawar of Contaminated(death metal band from Uzhgorod/Ungvár/Ujhhorod)


1.Hailz, Contaminated! Because this is the first interview with you, and there is also lack of informations about you on the internet, please tell us your biography!
Hail Sorin, here is Rawar of Contaminated, firstly a big thanks for your support!
The band has been created in 2007, when 2 friends, Rawar and Nefarious decided to create a death metal band of old-school style. The band recorded their stuff: demo-album "Towards Murderous Compulsion" in 2007 (that demo-album, which one includes 17 tracks in veins of "British death metal school", as  Benediction, Napalm Death ('90's era)). Next demo-album, "Subliminal Absurdity" was released in 2010.
Contaminated band recorded their most professional and technical album, "Your Ashes are Nothing" in March, 2013. That album includes a mixture of American and Dutch death metal traditions of old school.....

2.Did the members played in other bands?
I came into metal music in 1996 and as musician, we, with Nepharious created a death/black metal horde called Anubis in Uzhgorod, in 2001. Anubis band existed until 2005, we played some gigs in our hometown, Uzhgorod, and recorded a demo-album entitled „Heretical Perception” and we had good reception there. After that I did a few shows with a local thrash-band, Terrorium, between 2005-2007, as a drummer. Then I enjoyed (as drummer) in the resurrection of a great Ukranian heathen black metal band, Reusmarkt, with Vladimir(guitars) of Anubis. With Reusmarkt I played a lot of live performances(for example Kolovrat-Fest and crushed some places through Ukraine) and I left that band for personal reasons, one of that it was my loyalty to play old-school death metal.

3.Well, you are a good death metal band. And the only new good band I know from Uzhgorod. Can you describe the local scene? What about the reactions so far?
Thanks a lot! As for me I never called  that we had/have a local scene here in Uzhgorod, the reason is simple: we have a lot of bands with excellent shit, „metalcore, punk, deathcore, pseudo-black metal”, that is not my cup of tea. We have a few old bands like Castrum and Soulrest. We never played live but between old-schoolers of our hometown we had and have a good reception.

4.Now, let's talk about your debut LP. Give us some infos about it!
The recording process of drums, guitars and bass we did it at „homework-studio”. I hate recording process, I’ve felt sick. Vocals were recorded in Municipal Radio”-studio. Thats all.

5.Did you signed with a label or it will be self-released?
It has been a self-released one and we’ve sent/will send to a lot of labels through Worldwide.

6.Did you played any live-shows so far?
Still not, but if we will catch a good label, I will search some musicians for the live shows.

7.Do you plan to make a tour to promote your album?
Let’s see. Hopefully, yes!

8.What bands influenced you?
Firstly I had been influenced of American death metal (as Death (R.I.P. Chuck), Obituary, Deicide, Maevolent Creation, Atheist, Resurrection et cetera), Dutch death metal (Pestilence, Gorefest, Sinister, Asphyx). I’d/ve prefered/prefer also old school Swedish Dödsmetal, like Grave, Nihilst, Carnage, Entombed, Dismember etc.

9. Please enlight us about your lyrical conception!
That is a good, deep question. In my opinion as music as lyrical conception are whole one! But this does not means black metal position, where lyrics are supreme.
I see that mankind comes to logical end! Because processes of Universe always have the beginning and the end. Then no need to have a surprise, what happening nowadays, it’s a cycle process of time. Humanity are marching to a logical, forthcoming end and going to a new era, but I think the mankind didn’t make some conclusions. Read our lyrics and I hope You’ll understand my opinion about all.

10.What bands from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and Moldova can you recommend us? And also from the entire globe(if you can add some)?
Ok, step by step:
From Russia: Septory, Morrah, Grace Disgraced, Khasm, Sect, Djur….
Ukraine: Sidus Mortuorum, Slaughter Brute, early-Fleshgore, Ulvegr, Violent Omen
From Romania I would like to mention Avatar, and from Moldova Lethal Outcome and Disentomb…
Hungary: Gutted and I know personally a freak funny man, called Georgius, who used to be as vocalist in Hungarian black metal horde, Domhring and early Castrum also.

11.Your all-time favourite metal 10 albums are?
1. Death: Spiritual healing
2. Sepultura: Beneath the remains
3. Kreator: Extreme Aggressions
4. Slayer: Divine Intervention
5. Obituary: Cause of Death
6. Devastation: Idolatry
7. Demolition Hammer: Tortured Existence
8. Pestilence: Consuming Impulse
9. Sinister: Diabolical Summoning
10. Benediction: Transcend the Rubicon
( this is random one because I listen to and like much more..:) )

12.Can you recommend us some foods and drinks from your area?
It’s funny, I know, but I prefer Italian kitchen
Ok but from local ones I like so much  traditional Ukranian and Hungarian ones. Some foods for example: borshch, vareniki, rakott krumpli, gulyás. I like good Russian vodka and Bourbon-whisky. And I like also a good Czech or German beer.

13.That's all for now. The last words are yours!
Mersi, Sorin, for your support again! Open your eyes and ears to Contaminated because we are working with our official site in facebook. You do a great job with supporting of true underground, wish you all the best, Transcarpathian regards!

Contaminated can be dismembered here:


luni, 1 aprilie 2013


The guys behind the horde. From left to right: Andreas(guest session drums), Pete(vocals, guitars, bass), Micke(guest session vocals)


1.Hailz Pete! Because this is your first interview with us, introduce us in your "deathtrip"!
The ground to this solo project took its form in 2001. My visions were not 100% clear then, as I still was in Maze of Torment. But I knew that I wanted to do something on my own. It took some years, but in 2005 I entered the studio and recorded the debut album "Dödsångest". The first 3 albums were released just under the moniker "Flesh", but it's still the same regardless the changing to "The Pete Flesh Deathtrip".

2.How did you got interested in metal?
I got into this metal world in the same way like most others around my age. Bands like WASP, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister etc. started to take more and more room in the media. I fell for it all directly! The expressions, the energy, the creativity. At that time I lived in a small village and didn't knew so much about the more brutal movement that was going on. But when I was 15 I moved into a bigger town where Merciless lived. I started to read logos from their jackets, that's how I found out about bands like Sodom, Sepultura, Bathory, Mayhem, Nihilist etc. My world and life was then completed.

3.You played in some bands during the years. Can you tell us about them, and if you're satisfied with the results now?
If I only mention the ones that have done albums and not, are The Pete Flesh Deathtrip, Maze of Torment(I didn't played on the last one entitled "Hidden Cruelty"), Deceiver and Thrown. No, I'm not satisfied with them all, maybe 30% of them I would like to redo, like Deceiver's "Riding with the Reaper" which could have been a totally different albu, if I should have waited some time before entering the studio with that one. Maze of Torment's debut album "The Force" will be always special to me. Also the last one I recorded, "Hammers of Mayhem". The first Deceiver M-CD is also a special one like Thrown's "The Suicidal Kings Occult".

4.Now speaking of " The Pete Flesh Deathtrip". It began under the name Flesh. Did you ever played any shows with it? (If yes, who helped you playing live? Was it the same studio line-up?)
No live gigs yet. But it have been close two times. First, the old Deceiver line-up helped me at least to try, then this new one. But when everytime I try, there is some sort of complications. If this will happen, everything must go perfect. I try to think out different scenarios for this to happen, and maybe someday it will happen. It would be cool.

5. Let's speak of your new album "Mortui Vivos Docent". Give us some infos about it(recording process and such). Have you fixed a date for its release?
The recording process of this album was very long, for 2 years. I also changed the studio from "The Abyss Studio" to record with Peter Bjärgö(Crypt of Kerberos, Arcana, Tyrant, The Black etc.). This studio is very close to where I live, so I could decide myself for example when it was the time to record down the bass. Maybe in retroperspective some things could have gone faster to do. Also, I changed the session drummer to Adde(Vinterland, Tyrant, Nunfuckritual etc.) and to find time where we both could work on the drums was harder than we both knew from the beginning. Then also, for the first time I included a guest singer. He actually sings on half of the album: Micke Broberg(Unanimated, Celestial Pain etc.). He have also contributed with some lyrics. I had this idea that I wanted to do something different with this album, just to keep the listening more intersting, not just for the ones that buy the album, but also for me when it comes to the creative parts. I have done many, many albums that all ideas were mine, and it's hard to keep a whole album in a perspective where you just don't repeat yourself. I will keep working like this, but I will use different people all the time. Working like this will also help me to find inspiration, and new inputs on my own creative parts. The album have been delayed so many times now, for a lot of different reasons. But none of them will be layed on Pulverised Records, they are cool. But everything is sent to them now, I hope it will be out sometime in the summer of 2013. The album will also be out on vinyl on Temple of Whores records.

6. What do you think about the Swedish metal scene nowadays compared to the one in the 80's?
For me there are totally different times. First of all, you didn't had internet back then, you had to be creative in a different way to spread your name, on a more root lvel. Today it's more about how many "likes" you have. Don't seem to matter if people who have liked your side, actually like your music. I don't say it's wrong to spread your music in different ways. I also take the time sometimes to ask close friends to maybe spread some, but not in a "down your throught way". And also, if someone supports me, I fucking support them too. Today you also have tons of bands. It's impossible to follow the scene in the same way. There are so many different styles as well. I could be nostalgic, and say that everything was better back then, but that will not help me in any way at all. Things change: some to the better, some to the worse.

7.What is your opinion about Gothenburg metal? What about stuff such as death'n'roll?
When it comes to the older bands from that area, there is a lot of good stuff. About newer stuff, nah, not so interested. Regarding death'n'roll, there is some good stuff. For me it has always been like "a good track is a good track, regardless genre, trend, or what the people say".

8.What do you think about mp3 downloadings?
It have been out there for so long now, that I don't really reflect on it. If you download and like the stuff and  you are into music in a way you should be, you also get the album. If people have some kind of brain, they will understand that bands that play this kind of music don't earn anything from it, it goes to be able to record a new album or maybe print some shirts.

9.Your top 10 all-time favourite metal albums?
Those lists are impossible for me. I have tons of faves. Like you see on the list: no Slayer, no At the Gates, no Dismember, no Mayhem, no Death, no Judas Priest, no Destroyer 666, no The Exploited, no Terra Firma, no Candlemass, no Pink Floyd, no Misfits, no Kreator, no Destruction, no Sodom, no Dead can Dance, no Black Sabbath etc. All of them have done albums I likes as much as those I mention. Anyway, these bands are played a lot right now.
  • Dissection - "Storms of the Light's Bane"
  • Possessed - "Seven Churches"
  • Sadus - "Illusions"
  • Morbid Angel - "Altars of Madness"
  • Iron Maiden - "Killers"
  • Metallica - "Kill'em All"
  • Danzig - "Lucifuge"
  • Bathory - "Blood fire death"
  • Merciless - "The Awakening"
  • Mercyful Fate - "Don't break the oath"

10.Do you know any bands from Hungary, Ukraine and Romania? What other bands can you recommend us(from all the globe and also from Sweden)?
Of course Tormentor. First time I heard "Anno Domini" it was like a new world was opened for me. Are Nokturnal Mortum from your area? Your 2 old bands, brother(Castrum and Domhring). Hm, I should know more. I came across a band called Protest some time ago, I think they are from Romania. I know more. I can recommend "The Curse" from Sweden, also "Necrovation". "Anal Vomit" is great. A lot of bands out there.

11.Now regarding your local kitchen: what foods, drinks, tobaccoes can you recommend us?
I have been sober for almost 7 years(long story). I have forgotten the names of drinks, but there were a lot of bloody mary's to start the day. You get the breakfast in the same time in a way I only do "Snus" nowadays. When it comes tobacco, you know? Grov snus för fan! Food, it can be anything, I'm like a garbage... I eat almost anything.

12.Did you taught your son to play guitar? Does he listens to metal as well?
We play now and then. I never force him. Right now he practice on some Black Sabbath and Accept stuff. Yeah, he likes metal stuff and have started a small, so far, vinyl collection. Faves are WASP, Kiss and Accept. But also enjoys Slayer, Sepultura(He met Paul Jr. last summer, also Dee Snider at the same time). And stuff like that. Also old stuff like Deep Purple and Rainbow. I try to learn the roots of it all. He is just 7 years old, and have met some of his idols. Some months ago we saw WASP, he was bloody blown away. This summer he will see Kiss, Accept(he likes the new album), Saxon etc. I don't try to form him, he is my kid and can listen to whatever he wants. Of course, he also sometimes can sing along with music that simply are "kid" music. I guess every country have some sort of clown that does music and are simply kid music. But if you would ask him what his fave band is, it would be "Pete Flesh Deathtrip". He is loyal.

13.What hobbies do you have besides metal?
Reading and playing football with my son, also fishing. I do not socialize so much with other people. I have my son, girlfriend and her kids, just taking care of the closest.

14. Tack så mycket! That's all for now. The last warning is yours!
Thanx bro for the interview, greatful for the support, you know it!!! People interested in my work are welcome to contact me. Hail the hordes!

Pete Flesh can be contacted here:
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/peteflesh
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/peteflesh


joi, 28 martie 2013


No, we didn't finished the recommended bands section. We will never haha, it just took a (long) break.
Well, one new band that deserve attention is Contaminated from Uzhgorod/Ungvár/Ujhhorod.
The band's style is old-school death metal. One similar band is Zombie Attack from Moldova(so expect to hear only good stuff).

You can listen to some songs here:


And an interview with this band will be here soon!

duminică, 24 martie 2013

Interview with Sascha Knust(Obscenity)

Obscenity, from left to right: Sascha Knust(drums), Christoph Weerts(guitar), Jörg Pirch(bass), Hendrik Bruns(guitar), Jeff Rudes(vocals)

1.Hail Sascha-Obscenity! Welcome to the zine. Because this is the first interview with you, tell us about all the bands you've played in!
Hi. I started with Obscenity in 1989, and after I've left the the Band in 2000, I played in the band called "The Now Noise" as a session drummer. Later I played in two bands: the first one is called "The Awakening" and the other called "Sethnefer"! The Awakening was another session project, but Sethnefer is the band I played in from 2001 to 2009. In 2011 I returned to Obscenity and I will never leave again!!!!

2.How did you got interested in rock/metal music, and what were your influences back in 1989?
The big brother of a friend was a metalhead back in 1982, and he taped me all that cool old-school metal stuff like Accept, Kiss, Maiden, Metallica...etc. Later when the metal got harder, my top bands at that time were Slayer, Kreator, Testament, Exodus !!!
The biggest influence was the record "Beneath the Remains" from Sepultura....still love it.

3.Obscenity started in 1989. Were there another names for the band back then?
Yes, we had names like Triangle and Artificial Intelligence in the Mid 80's. But we changed the name in Obscenity when we got the date for studio to record our first demo that was later called "Age of Brutality". I came up with the idea and draw the first logo.

4.You played old-school death metal on every release. What do you think of melo-death bands or tech-death bands who tried to go mainstream?
I like bands like Monstrosity or Malevolent Creation for example, with a great combination of everything! We don`t care about mainstream and stuff like that, because the music we play is far away from mainstream and I don`t give a fuck about metalcore or this frognoise death metal so many bands play.

5.For us one of best death metal releases of 2012 is your album, "Atrophied in Anguish". How was its reception in the metal press?
Thanx a lot! It looks like the press loves our release!!! All the zines wrote good things about the recording and gave fantastic notes!!! It`s a good feeling, because we worked hard on it to make a recording that really kicks ass !

6.We checked out on YouTube some videos about Your shows last year. Would You be so kind to tell about live-activity?
We played some great shows last Year and we will do the Same this Year!! On may 25 we kill the Extremefest & on July 27 we'll play Stonehenge Festival in the Netherlands.
But these are only the bigger shows. We have a lot single gigs within Germany also.
But we´re in song-writing mode at this time and you all know both activities are very hard to handle at the same time.

7.You were signed to the German label Apostasy Records. Share with us please some informations about this label.
The label is a very new one, existing sice a one year. Tomasz, the owner, is a well known booker in his past years and we played a few shows for him. He came up one day and asked about interest in his new label. At this time we had the demo recordings for “Atrophied” and send them to a couple of labels around. Some of them were very interested but our decision was Apostasy because our homebase is quite near to the labelbase.

8.You made an excellent old-school clip to the track "From Heroic to Depraved". Enlight us please about clip-making process.
A good friend of us is a photographer and camera operator, and he filmed us in our headquater during Our rehearsals! He thought it was funny to make a Video from this shoot and I think he made a good Job! We will do a video with him again!!!

9.What other german metal bands can you recommend us?
Wow, there are so many great Bands in Germany like Blackshore !!!
We have played a few shows with the guys. These guys rocks. Black metal mixed with rock!
But of course, we recommend all of our labelmates from Apostasy. Hey, and not to forget
Tombthroat. We had a show with them a couple of months ago and had to talked with the guys.
Cool ones! Especially Björn Köppler(also known as "Mladie"), he is very involved in the metal scene.

10.Your 10 all-time favourite albums are?
1.Kiss - Creatures of the Night
2.Motörhead - Overkill
3.Sepultura - Beneath the Remains
4.Monstrosity - In Dark Purity
5.Malevolent Creation - In Cold Blood
6.Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East
7.Terrorrizer - World Downfall
8.Deicide - Legion
9.Testament - Demonic
10.Carcass - Heartwork

11.What bands from Hungary, Ukraine and Romania do you know?
Hmmm... this is a very unknown scene here in Germany. And I am very sad to say this.
But most of the bands we know here are from US , Sweden and Germany.
But hey. One name I will remember is Castrum! I think they are from Ukraine, isn´t it?

12.Could you please recommend to the readers some German food and drinks?(especially from Your region)
Grünkohl mit Kassler und Pinkel This is kinda cooked green cabbage served with a special sausage. This is very well known in this region.

13. Do you have any special hobbies?
The music is my hobby, because we are all hard working guys in our band, so I spend my free days with playing Drums !!!
The other guys have hobbies like going fishing or martial arts. But the same hobby we have is doing metal!

14.Share to the readers about Your plans for this year(new tracks, festivals, or a DVD)!
Henne & Chris are working on songs for a new CD, and in the near future there will be a new video .

15.Danke schön, Obscenity! Your message to old-school death metallers….
Thank you guys for having some time on us and stay Obscene!!!

Interview done by Georgius and Necrotrooper