vineri, 16 august 2013

Necrochakal interview

Ungod - guitars, bass
Bestial Invocator - vocals and lyrics
1.Hailz and hellcome to Sadistik Witchfukk zine. Because this is the first interview with you, tell us more about your band!
1)Hello, Sorin!! Yes, it is the first interview with the zine indeed!!! Necrochakal started as an idea in 2010 by me, Manos(Revenge) and Ungod(Slaughtered Priest, Sad, Necrohell, Kvele)!! We wanted from the beginning of this idea to play something like old school deathrash!!!!

2.Did you played in other bands before Necrochakal?
Some unknown bands just for fun!! In 2005: Non Obedience and Unholy Vengeance then!!! Not important!!! This the first important that I take part in!!!

3.How did you joined Necrochakal?
As I told you in the 1st question, it begun as an idea with Me and Manos firstly to play old scohool deathrash music!!! I was totally agree and so we decided I would be the vocalist.

4.I see that you recorded a song called "Baptised in Excrucating Lashes", which ended on a split with Slaughtered Priest through Fistbang Records. How did you came in contact with Fistbang?
Yes!! Fistbang is like a friend with us and so came the deal with his label and Hells Fire distro too!!

5.Who write the music and who the lyrics for Necrochakal?
Music is written exclusively by Ungod(except the first song in which drums were played by Maelstrom) and I write the lyrics!

6.I know you will also release a split with mighty US band Terrorist. How have you been in contact with them? Which label will release it?
I am in contact with their guitarist Edgar since some months!! I really like their old-school maniac and I suggested to those maniax a 7" split release!! And they accepted of course. The 7" Split with Terrorist will be released in the mid of September by Ungod's label "Metal Throne"

7.I recently have seen that Maelstrom is no longer a member of the band. How this happened? Did you found any replacement or you still search?
No! As I told you the whole music is played by Ungod and lyrics-vocals by me!! So we still continue as 2 members band!! No fight of course with Maelsstrom!! He is friend of course and he is session member for some upcoming concerts.

8.I also like the artworks for both of your splits. Who did them?
Ungod has done both of the artworks!!!

9.How was the media response so far?
The friends and some guys that heard the stuff were very satisfied about the result!! We still have to keep on!! We're still in the beginning.

10.Now about live shows. Did you played live so far? If yes, (tell us the most important concerts and the crowd reaction).
No, we haven't played yet!! But we have dealed some live shows in the end of May in Paraguay with cult bands from there such as Master of Cruelty, Ekron Cult etc.. And of course in Mexico City supporting Nausea R'Lyeh and Sadistic Intent!! That's gonna be a great experience to play with those cult bands and to a crowd like South US Maniax!! I have to say that Necrochakal doesn't do or will do live shows in Greece!

11.What bands can you recommend us from Greece? Or from the rest of the world? Do you know any bands from Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and Moldova?
From Hungary I know Tormentor(old cult band), and to be honest from Romania I know Negură Bunget!!! To be honest I'm not so much into those countries!!! From Greece there are countless bands that play but if you want my opinion, a few of them are worthy!! Surely, I would recommend you Revenge and Slaughtered Priest!

12.Your top 10 all-time favourite albums are...?
Difficult question, but OK, I'll answer what comes to my mind now. Surely:
1.Iron Maiden - Killers
2.Destruction - Infernal Overkill
3.Sodom - Obsessed by Cruelty + Persecution Mania
4.Kreator - Pleasure to Kill
5.Sarcofago - INRI
6.Sepultura - Schizophrenia + Morbid Visions
7.Darkthrone - A blaze in the Northern Sky
8.Deicide - Deicide
9.Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
10.Razor - Executioner's Song
11.Mutilator - Immortal Force

13.What hobbies do you have besides music?
Watching sports with my friends and especially fotball!! We are supportes of the biggest greek team here called Olympiakos!! Also travelling when I can or seeing movies!

14.What foods, drinks, cigars, tobaccoes can you recommend us from your area?
The most known food here is Souvlaki!! Total traditional greek food!! About drinks Ouzo, Raki and Tsipouro are well known also and very strong drinks! About cigars I smoke Karelia this time! I used to smoke Prince and Winston!!! The most here according the crisis in Greece now smoke tobacco!!! It's cheaper for them.

15.What about your future plans as a band?(live shows, full-length etc.)
In some days has to be released a tape featuring 3 songs(3 of them are and will be included in 7" split releases) by Metal Throne!!! In the mid of September as you've been told a split release will be going to be released with Terrorist! About November hopefully comes the Full-Length and another split 7" release in the end of 2013 or beginning 2014 with Argentinian maniax Vomit of Doom, too!

16.And the interview is near its ending. The last curses are yours!
Necrochakal is a band that was created to spread Blasphemies all around to this which is called religion, conservatism and those nowadays shitty principles!! Do not belong and will never belong in any kind of scene especially here in Greece!! Death and Hate go to christians and all religious or trendy faggots!! Thanx a lot for the interview, Sorin, and good luck to your zine!! Support the Underground Maniac Forces!