miercuri, 9 ianuarie 2013

Lethal Outcome

             Lethal Outcome is a thrash metal band formed in Moldova in 2008. The band was formed by Eugen Scobioală(guitar and composer) and Dmitry Demchuck(guitar and vocals). In their beginnings their style was more thrash/speed influenced, and in 2009 they recorded and released their demo Reciprocal Hate which consists of 11 songs: 9 original songs including the well-known(at least to me) "Killers in white" and also 2 covers: Arise(Sepultura) and To live is to die(Metallica). In 2010 they began searching for new members and their music added some technical influences and it went technical thrash metal. Their new songs are faster, more aggressive, and complex(speaking of its composition). In the beginning of 2011 Vadim Cartovenco joined as their drummer. In 2011 they were a trio. In this time, Dmitry left the guitar and concentrated more on vocals. Also in 2012, Evgheny Gavriliuk joined the band as the bassist. At this time they were a technical thrash metal band, and Gavriliuk left shortly because he wanted to concentrate with his own band: SoundPark. After some time they found the bassist Nikolay Kurok. There were recorded demos with the new songs, but since 2012 the band is no longer active. Both Eugen and Dmitry try to resurrect the band, and maybe they will play again.

This is Lethal Outcome's rehearsal(when they were a trio):

P.S.: An interview with these guys will come soon.

The band can be contacted here: