joi, 16 februarie 2017

Necrophiliac(Esp) - Endless Death(1988)

Necrophiliac is a Spanish extreme metal band formed back in 1987, released several demos(this one being the first released), a compilation and a full-length LP, splited-up in 1993 and reformed recently. 

The material here is solid, actually it is up there with the big bands, IT IS THAT GOOD. It is a live recording(you can hear all the instruments).

There are 6 tracks clocked at approximately 21 minutes. First track is called "Necrofucken" and gives you a hint of what to expect here: demonic vocals and fast tempo(the band doesn't slow down for a second). Next track, "Nuclear Nightmare" follows in the same vein, but blast-beats are present here as well. After this you have "Slayed sunflower seeds" and "Demoniac Slaughter" which are the shortest tracks, some kind of attempts at grindcore(or death-core how it was called back then by some). "The omen" follows, which is, again, similar, and ends with a nice guitar solo. The last track is a Sodom cover(Bombenhagel), which is faster than original.

Overall, if you are into 80's extreme metal like Sarcofago, Sepultura, Necrodeath, Napalm Death to name a few, you must give it a listen. It was re-released recently on the compilation "Maze of Forking Paths".