miercuri, 22 mai 2013


As you've read(or not hehehe) the interview with Georgius(the first one done for S.W.), he said that then 1995-1997 Castrum line-up had also a project entitled Chamos.
Well, what is Chamos?
Georgius gave a description: "Cornelius had 2 tracks which didn’t fit too much to Castrum conception in 1996 and we decided to start a blackened death/thrash project, called Chamos. We chose demon-pseudonames and recorded these two songs in our rehearsal room in 1997. At our live Castrum-shows we played a few times these ones but never will be recorded in studio… "

And now, they are uploaded on youtube



As you can see, the lyrics cover historical themes.
And the 2nd track is NOT A NS TRACK!!!


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