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interview with Lethal Outcome

Lethal Outcome: Eugen Scobioală(left) and Dimitry Demchuck(right)

1.Hailz to Lethal Outcome! Because this is your first interview, present yourself!
Hey, hello! Yes, we were never interviewed so far. We're the founders of the band: Dimitry Demchuck and Eugen Scobioală

2.Give us some details about your pre-Lethal Outcome activities!
You see, in a little town it's hard to be undiscovered if you're a metalhead, so I am sure that our roads intersected, yeah, that was to happen. Before Lethal Outcome, we and Eugen were just learning the musical instruments. We went to local shows, played in our friends' garage and drank a lot of beer.

3.So far, you have only one demo album released entitled "Reciprocal Hate". Can you give some details about it?
"Reciprocal Hate" was our first release, the first step in the thrash metal scene. This album has its roots back in 2006, when me and Eugen decided to play together. Step by step we gather the first album from 4-5 songs, but we thought that it is too little for an album. In the summer of 2009 we recorded the album in rehearsal room. Me(Dimitry)-rhythm guitar, vocals and Eugen(solo guitar, back vocals, programming drums). Because it was hard to seek musicians in our town, we decided to use our ideas about programming. "Reciprocal Hate" was the first song we wrote, and it became the title of the album. The lyrical themes are about war, social issues, different society vices and medicine.

4.I have to admit, that your albums have a clear quality like Sepultura's "Arise". Where and how did you recorded it?
I have to say about the problem of today's metal recordings: the studios are using "multitrack recording", that makes the sound louder, clearer, but it takes from its dynamics. Personally, I(Eugen) like recordings from the "tape" era, because that recording method didn't offer that sound that the digital ones show, it showed more dynamics, and an old-school sounding. Those albums "Beneath the Remains" and "Arise" had that kind of sound. So, by different methods I tried to obtain this old-school sound. Maybe, judging by some opinions, I did haha.

5.Did the album exist on phyiscal format such as vinyl/tape/cd? Did you promoted it by live-shows?
Sadly, the album exists just as .mp3 format. Our target was to share the album, the Internet successfuly did this. And no, we didn't performed any live concerts in its history, because we had not a bassist and a drummer.

6.In 2010 you changed the style to more technical thrash metal. Who had this idea?
It was Eugen's idea. He is the one who decide this. Eugen thought that it will be good to changed the style, because the same old-school style may became boring for listener's ears. Although we didn't wanted at first,  we thought that this will work and now you can see the result.

7.Beside Lethal Outcome, I know that the 2 founder members also play in a project entitled "Prison of Disillusion". It also kicks-ass, it's a kind of doom/death in the vein of early Paradise Lost. What can you tell about it?
"Prison of Disillusion" was our idea to play something away from thrash. We also listen to doom metal. In this project we have only 2 songs, wrote spontaneous and we put our souls in it. Now, we have not any plans with it, and I think that the next songs will be wrotten sponatenously as well.

8.Beside Prison of Disillusion, in what bands do you play?
Dimitry played for long time in Mysterious Medley, that I joined later, playing on their 2012 album. And me, personally, I was the lead guitarist of the modern metal band Main Engine that I played live in 2012. Now I am writing some songs with them.

9.I see that you have 2 new members(Vadim-drums and Kurok-bass). What can you tell about them?(In what bands did they played before Lethal Outcome)?
In 2011 we found a drummer, Vadim Kartovenko, that joined us after his symphonic black metal band Synartha stopped its activity. Vadim is a cool guy as a person, and also a good musician. We worked a lot with him for the new material, but we still needed a bassist. The first bassist was Evgheny Gavriliuk(of the deathcore band Soundpark). A cool person, but always busy. The second and the last, Nikolai Kurok who rehearsed few times with us.

10.Who is writing the music and the lyrics?
All the lyrics are written by Dimitry. Personally, I consider him a talented poet, I will never can write like him. All the things regarding the music are my work.

11.We all know that Moldova has not made a name in the underground metal. Beside Accident, Țepeș(band formed by the 1991 Accident line-up) and Uthopia, most of us have not heard about your country. What bands can you recommend us?
We're unknown in both metal and politics haha. When a American film director decides to make a movie about a small and less-developed country, where you can meet only violence and corruption, he chose Moldova(and I don't understand why). Not judging by the fact that we were a little post-sovietic country, in the 90's we had some quality bands such as Axident, Uthopia, Sarcoma. Now Moldova can only be proud of Abnormyndeffect(death/grind), Neuromist(progressive death metal), Dakon(death metal), Infected Rain(femeale fronted nu-metal) etc. All these bands played in European Union and in CIS countries, so after all, it's not that bad haha.
Now speaking of Lethal Outcome, lots of people consider us a band, although we still try to find members to complete the line-up

12.What do you think about Ukrainian bands?
I do not know much about Ukraine's metal scene, but from what I've heard and seen live, I can recommend these: Conquest(power metal, where my friend Alex was a vocalist some time ago), Ambivalence(brutal death metal, they played in Chișinău, they "fed us with lot of meal") and also Awoken(brutal death/grind, I listen a lot to them, they kick-ass).

13.Tell me about your future plans!
Now our first plan is to release the 2nd album, in the technical thrash metal style. The writing process has begun, so we cannot wait to make a present to all the metal fans, maybe we'll release it at the end of the summer, we'll see..

14.Thank you for the interview. The last words are yours!
Lethal Outcome wants you to fight for your future, to kill your enemy from inside and outside of you and stay faithful to your principles and values! Stay brutal and thrash till death \m/

Interview taken by Necrotrooper

Lethal Outcome official: http://vk.com/lethaloutcomeband

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