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Interview w/ Ostry(Sadistikus, Eshet Lot)

1.Infernal hailz! Since you are completely unknown to the S.W. readers, please tell us more about you and how did you started the band!
My name is Ostry and I'm from Kibbutz Metzer, Israel. Well, after two years of activity as Eshet Lot I felt satisfied of the materials, riffs and lyrics. After a month of working on new materials, "Bloody Eon" was ready, but it was different than my previous material. It was more death metal-ish and I loved this new direction, so I decided to start a new project named "Sadistikus"(Kus means Kunt).
Sadistikus is morbid and evil as death metal used to be. Same as in Eshet Lot it's a one-man project with no other players. I love working alone and thinking alone. Of course I would like to play in a band, but my own material stays at the one-man project, where they belong to.

2.Your first project, Eshet Lot, also had a demo release... do you plan to re-record those songs with a full-line-up? And who is responsible for its artwork?
First I need to find the right players to take the recording part in "Age of Slaughter" demo. But since "Age of Slaughter", tracks like "Puschtakk", "Timrot Ashan" and "Missionaries from the Abyss" were released, and I really love them, So I think that if will be a re-release of some of Eshet Lot materials, it will be a small compilation of these two active years, and not only the tracks from "Age of Slaughter". "Age of Slaughter" artwork was created by myself.

3.Is Eshet Lot still active?
Eshet Lot is less active now, but there are still tracks from the past that I want to finish and release, so it will be always alive and working.

4.Now about Sadistikus. How did you got the idea to form it, and if there was anyone else involved in it?
The idea was to form a new oldschool project in the new direction of my new material, morbid death metal. Same as in my past works, music and lyrics by me.

5.Tell us about the recordings! How did you recorded them? Are you satisfied with the demos? How was the response for the demos so far?
Recordings were in two locations: first was the kibbutz's cowshed, second My room for other finishes. The responses were few but positive, but expectations for a future recordings with full-line-up are still in the works. And same as in Eshet Lot – when I'll find the right players, the re-recording will be in process. I am satisfied with the demo and really enjoyed working on it as always.

6.Now about the scene in IsraHell: how is the scene in your opinion? What bands can you recommend us from the scene?
I hate most of the bands here, only few here playing oldschool and not modern shit. Same with crowd here, only few are waiting for the oldschool concerts which aren’t comes often.
Bands I recommend from the cuntry:
Sonne Adam
(not specific order)

7.Do you like any bands from Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova? If so, name some of them!
Well, Tormentor is one of my favorites in the black metal subgenre. Pure evil and insanity with killer riffs and solos.

8.Your top 10 all-time favourite albums are...?

  • Sarcofago – INRI
  • Sodom – In The Sign Of Evil
  • Poison – Into the Abyss
  • Possessed – Seven Churches
  • Hellhammer – Triumph of Death
  • Bestial Death – Suicide of the Immortal
  • Bathory – The Return
  • Necrovore - Divus de Mortuus
  • Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales
  • Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny

(not specific order)

9.What foods, drinks and such can you recommend us from your area?
Foods – Bamba is the best local munch, cheap and you can buy it anywhere.
Drinks – TUBI 60, Nesher, Bavaria 86 (not an Israhelli drink, but lovely beer) and Prigat.

10.Tell us about your future plans!(re-release some demos, perhaps signing with a label)
I can only say I am always working on new stuff non-stop and will stay creative anytime. As I said before about re-releases: when the right time will come & the right players will be found.

11.Some wise words for the ending!

Some links: (Sadistikus on Fukkbook) (Sadistikus demo can be heard here) (Eshet Lot songs can be heard here) (Eshet Lot's Fukkbook page)

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