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Necromancy(Gre) - Visions of Lunacy(1989) review

Necromancy is a Greek death/thrash band formed around 1986 under the name R.O.T.(Reek of Terror), but changed the name to the actual one around 1988. "Visions of Lunacy" is their first demo, released in 1989. This band is also notable for presence of Giorgos Zaharopoulos, who later left to focus on Necromantia(and because of that many think this is a pre-Necromantia band, WHICH IS NOT).

The material here is quite solid, actually you'd think you listen to a forgotten demo of one of the "necro bands" from the middle of the 1980's, IT IS THAT GOOD. Production is top-notch; you can hear all the instruments perfectly. Moreover, the bass at times is louder than instruments.

The demo starts with "Thrashifixion", a 2:15 instrumetal track, which shows the band's intentions for this demo: fast deathrash, with a necro production, that makes you craving for more.
The next track, "Shattered Bodies", starts with a bass guitar, and some beats reminding me of Mercyful Fate, then goes into something similar to Sodom's "Persecution Mania". Sodom I said? Well, the next track is a Sodom cover, "Outbreak of Evil", which is the best cover of the afforementioned Sodom song(at times you'd wonder whether you listen to the original or not). 
The 4th track, "Forbidden Rites" picks up from where the previous track ends(it also has a nice guitar solo in the beginning), then explodes into a deathrash monster. The middle of the song is where Hell actually breaks loose.
The 5th track, "Nocturnal Cry", is an outro, but it seems that this idea was later used in Necromantia(its beginning actually reminds me of "Last song for Valdezie")

Overall, this band really had potential, but unfortunately didn't went that far due to Living Dead(guitar)'s death. But if you like your metal played fast and with a "necro" production, then this is for you.


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